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Students’ Welfare Association

Regular bonafide residents of the House may form Students’ Welfare Association (SWA) as per the following guidelines:

Main objectives of the Association will be:

  • to promote close bonds and harmony amongst the residents.
  • to organise academic, cultural interactions/ programmes, Annual Guest Night
  • to host/ participate in inter-hostel sports and other competitions.

SWA will have an Executive council with the following composition:
As the House has residents belonging to many countries of the world the Executive Council should represent this multinational character of the House. All the activities of SWA will be carried out by an Executive Council. The Executing council will have the following composition:

  • One representative from each country shall be elected to the Executive Council by the residents of that country.
  • The Council members shall elect a General Secretary and a Secretary from amongst themselves. The office bearers (General Secretary and Secretary) shall be elected from amongst the post graduate residents so that the composition of the house is properly reflected. All the Executive Council members and office bearers shall be elected only for one year.
  • The Council shall form five committees of 3 to 5 members each. The Committees will be: Cultural Committee, Sports Committee, Seminar/ Library Committee, House keeping Committee and Mess Committee.
  • Each Committee shall elect convenor, except the Mess Committee which will have a principle of rotation for its convenorship. The convenor shall change every 2 months as per a roster prepared by the Mess Committee.

The Council will function as per the following rules:

  • The General Body meeting (GBM) of residents of ISHW shall be convened by the General Secretary of the Council. At least one GBM a term must be convened. 15% of the residents shall form the quorum. It is expected of all the residents to attend the GBM.
  • The Secretary shall be responsible to prepare the reports along with the General Secretary.
  • Any 20 residents can requisition a General Body by giving a notice of 3 days.
  • At least 1/3 members shall form the quorum of the Executive Council.
  • No decision, act or activity should run counter to the University Acts, statutes, ordinances, rules, and regulations/ decisions of Executive or Academic Council of the University.
  • The House administration must be informed in advance before holding any GBM and the minutes/decisions of the meeting must be conveyed to them.

Functions and Duties of the Committees

  • All residents must participate in the organisation of Annual Guest Night and other festivals. However, it shall be the responsibility of the Cultural Committee to take initiative and coordinate the cultural programme and other arrangements.
  • The cultural/academic/sports activities proposed and the expenditure incurred should have the approval of the House GBM with at least 50% of the residents present and voting.
  • The convenor of the committees must seek prior written sanction of the Provost / Warden/ Resident Tutor to incur any expenditure out of the SWA Accounts.
  • Financial matters / transactions must be made through the House Office.
  • The expenditure incurred by different committees must be accounted for within seven days of the sanction.
  • No advance of money will be permitted unless the accounts of the previous advance have been rendered.
  • The House keeping committee shall look after the day to day problems of the residents. The committee must appoint floor In-charge by co-opting some residents if necessary.
  • The Library and Seminar Committee shall look after the library/ reading cum internet room and organise monthly lecture/ inter face / discussion group on current topics.
  • The Mess Committee shall look after the daily meals as well as the cleanliness of the dinning hall and kitchen.
  • The Sports Committee shall organise/ host inter-hostel sports competitions and other events.

The term of the Executive Council shall end on the last day of the academic year of the University.