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Applications for admission to the House should be made on the prescribed form, obtainable from the office of ISHW, on payment of Rs.100 in cash or by post on payment of Rs. 150, through demand draft drawn in favour of The Provost, ISHW, payable at Delhi and accompanied by a self-addressed envelope.

1. Admission Schedule

Phase I : Latest by 31st of August
Phase II : Latest by 31st of October
Phase III : Latest by 31st of December

Candidates are required to apply to the House after securing admission in their respective Department / Faculty / College. No admission will be made after 31st December 2010.

Research students can apply only after formal registration through the Board of Research Studies. House admission will be strictly on the basis of the merit list provided by the respective departments or faculty and subsequent interview by the House Admission Committee consisting of the Provost, Warden and Resident Tutor

Applicants seeking admission will be short-listed. Such a short list will be duly notified on the Notice Board of the House and the applicants included in the list will be interviewed by the Admission Committee. The final list of applicants selected for admission will be displayed on the Notice Board and the applicants will be required to take admission within the stipulated time by paying the required charges. If any applicant fails to pay the fees within the stipulated time as notified, her admission will be treated as cancelled. As the admission is made for a period of one academic year, residents who wish to continue their stay in the House because they are continuing their course in the University need to make a fresh application at the beginning of each subsequent year.

M.Phil and Ph.D. Students shall be required to submit a certificate from the Head of the Department and Supervisor to the effect that the student is actively engaged in research and that her work is satisfactory.

Admission process to the House for the session 2010-11 will start from 1st July 2010.

2. Grievance Redressal

Complaints, if any, against the applicants short-listed for interview for being considered for admission to the hostel should be given in writing to the Provost within three days after the display of the list. If necessary, these complaints would be reviewed by the admission committee. In view of the fact that names of applicant/s have to be compulsorily notified in the form of a short-list prepared for admission, the name/s of applicant/s, whose objection/s has/have been sustained by the Admission Committee, shall not be automatically included into the final list under preparation for admission. However, the seat/s under dispute will not be filled and the name/s of the student/s whose objection/s had been sustained will be considered for inclusion in the next admission short-list to be notified as per the schedule.

3. Eligibility for Admission

Full time bonafide students of the North Campus belonging to the following categories can apply for admission to the House:

  • Postgraduate students (M.A., M.Com. M.Sc. etc.)
  • Research students (M.Phil, Ph.D.)
  • Undergraduate students (Foreign Students only)

Students belonging to the following categories cannot apply for admission to the House:

If employed anywhwere on a full-time, part-time, ad-hoc or temporary basis. If a resident gets any remunerative assignment in the middle of the session, she must immediately inform the House Administration in writing.

  • Indian Students enrolled in an evening / correspondence / part-time / external course
  • If she has not passed the examination of the last course attended.
  • If she has availed of Delhi University hostel facility for a course of the same level earlier. No student can avail of the hostel seat twice on the basis of a course / degree of the same level.
  • Admission shall not be granted to a student against whom disciplinary action had been taken by a department / college / hostel of the University of Delhi.
  • Students whose parents reside in Delhi.

A student, while seeking admission and during the stay in the hostel must fulfill the criteria stated above. During the period of stay, if she fails to fulfill any of these conditions, she will have to vacate the hostel immediately.

4. Allocation of Seats

Total Seats available in the House 98
Composition of the seats 
A. Foreign Students 80%
B. Indian Students  20%
A. Total Number of Seats for Foreign Students  78 
Postgraduates students 70%
Undergraduates students 30%

Order of priority will be as follows:

  1. Full time students with scholarship / fellowship.
  2. Full time students without scholarship / fellowship
  3. Students enrolled for diploma / certificate course in the University (only for foreign students).

Seats will be allotted to students with uniform weightage to different nationalities.

B. Total Number of Seats for Indian Students  20
Research Students (M.Phil / Ph.D) 30%
Postgraduate students ( MA, M.Com, M.Sc, M. Lib)  70%
15%, 7.5% and 3% of the 20 seats will be reserved for scheduled caste, scheduled tribe and physically challenged students respectively.

5. Duration of Stay

A student shall be eligible to stay in the House for the statutory period of the course as
given below:

M.A., M.Com., M.Sc., M.B.A., MCA and L.LM.: 2 Years
B.Lib. and M.Lib. : 1 Year
M.Phil.* : 18 months or span period as laid down in the Ordinance.
Ph.D.* : 5 Years
LL.B. B.A., B.Sc. and B.Com. : 3 Years 

*Duration of stay shall be counted from the date of admission to the course.

A resident will have to vacate the hostel within 15 days of completing her:

  • Final Year Examination
  • M.Phil. / Ph.D. Thesis submission.
  • Statutory period of the course.

Maximum period of stay in ISHW including stay in any other hostel of Delhi University shall not exceed six years.

6. Stay of Guests and Visitors

  1. The House may accommodate a female guest of a regular resident as personal guest who can stay in the House for a maximum of fifteen days. She is required to take prior written permission of the Warden/Resident Tutor on the prescribed form available in the House office. The concerned resident will be responsible for the conduct of her guest. House authorities reserve the right to refuse permission or cancel the permission for stay of any guest at any time without assigning any reason.
  2. Students coming from other Universities / Institutions to attend conferences, seminars or Symposia held at University of Delhi or to consult the University libraries etc. may be allowed to stay in the guest room for a short-period with the permission of the Provost, on the basis of proper recommendation from the concerned department/ university.
  3. Male Visitors can meet the residents in the visitor’s lobby, after signing the visitor’s register, according to the following schedule

    Weekdays 04.00 P.M.- 08.00 P.M.
    Sundays/University Holidays 10.00 A.M.– 01.00 P.M.
    04.00 P.M.– 08.00 P.M.

No male visitor will be allowed in the House on the day of Holi.

All the House Rules are applicable to guests/visitors.

7. Cancellation of Admission

Admission of a student may be cancelled for any of the following reasons:

  • Involvement in ragging
  • Non-payment of dues for more than 30 consecutive days.
  • Keeping guests without valid permission
  • Cessation of regular studentship
  • Violation of rules and indiscipline
  • Suppression of facts and/or providing wrong information
  • Making casteist, communal or racist remarks against other students.